Getting Your DCOI Strategy On Track

September 13, 2016 Jeff Chabot

While the rest of the country went on summer vacation, those of us in the government space remained busy closing out the fiscal year and prepping to meet the latest mandates. The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) now tops the to do list, so we’ve been on top of it since the first official notification.

To help get your DCOI strategy on track, we’ve detailed what’s involved, where to start and why to start now in these previous blogs:

  • DCOI: The Advantages of Early Adoption
    Having the right management tools in place now will provide the knowledge you need to understand where you are in your compliance roadmap and readies you for any additional unforetold mandates.

State of DCOI

If you want to understand where you are with DCOI compliance in comparison to your peers, the government’s IT Dashboard has been updated to reflect DCOI stats and we have also obtained insight from a sample of agencies.

According to the IT Dashboard, 2,082 data centers were closed and DCOI will bring an additional closure of 4,477 tiered and non-tiered data centers by FY 2018. USDA and GSA are the only agencies that have met or exceeded closure goals. The number of servers taken offline already — 4,065 — has resulted in a 7,468.03MW electricity usage reduction.

The energy metering metric portion of DCOI requires agencies to automatically track and monitor energy usage via DCIM tools; the SSA and EPA have met target already.

Of course the intent of metering is not just measurement, but a mandated reduction to a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.5. According to the dashboard, the EPA, Commerce and State Departments and VA have met the target.

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