Why DartPoints Lives on the Edge

September 14, 2016 Mike Hagan

In the sixth of our “8 Megatrends” series, we spoke with Hugh Carspecken, CEO at DartPoints, to discover why he created a business model which helps companies “live on the edge.”

Breaking from the traditional data center model, DartPoints builds and operates micro data centers inside your building. “The way we define edge,” he says, “is physically on site with the customer. We focus on edge infrastructure by placing a micro data center to meet the needs of the enterprise where it’s needed.”

Edge computing is being driven by the evolution of applications and how they are being used — think video streaming, the IoT and analytics. These things need storage and speed and edge infrastructure delivers both.

“Our key business driver is going wherever the customer is located and bringing applications there to drive latency down and reduce cost; which will, in turn, create further evolution and new use cases,” according to Hugh.

Living on the Edge

That’s not to say conventional data centers are going away; Hugh believes that edge, micro and traditional data centers are complementary, will all grow together and each play important roles. The edge handles more of the interconnectivity of applications, rather than the critical physical infrastructure which supports applications in core data centers.

Over the next few years, Hugh predicts a heavy push for storage closer to the user but also a separation between storage files and compute files. As a result, analytics will be driven by a hierarchy that depends on where the data lives — information that can be analyzed at the edge versus that which needs a deeper dive and will remain in the core.

Hugh says edge infrastructure and edge computing are on a collision course. DartPoints will be at the point of impact. For more about how DartPoints and its customers are successfully living on the edge, watch this video interview with Hugh.

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