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Core Computing Center saved 30% in power and cooling energy costs with Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure solution

As the only specialized IDC in Chungcheongbuk-do, Core Computing Center offers IT infrastructure management and advanced networking services to Ochang Science Industrial Complex, Osong Life Science Complex and other members of the core innovation cluster of Chungcheongbuk-do. It also serves as the backbone of IDCs in central Korea.

Limited space, insufficient power

To meet ever-increasing computing demands, Core Computing established plans to build a new data center and began to enhance its IT infrastructure and perform full-scale maintenance on its data center equipment. The biggest obstacles to data center flexibility and efficiency were the constant temperature and humidity system that utilized room-by-room cooling and the parallel UPS where the battery bank filled the entire UPS room.Core Computing Center Data Center Cooling

The traditional room-by-room cooling method and parallel UPS were inadequate to meet the fast-growing demand and rapidly changing customer needs, but there are other factors to be considered for creating an ideal data center. In particular, the cost of establishing a data center makes it difficult to make purchase decisions. Core Computing Center went beyond a simple comparison of establishment costs and made a budget analysis from the perspective of TCO.

Maximum efficiency, minimal costs

For its data center equipment solution, Core Computing Center selected InfraStruxure, an integrated data center solution from Schneider Electric. The Symmetra module UPS, which can be expanded in 25kW units, was built with a capacity of 250kWA and was duplexed to ensure availability. Rack-based cooling equipment minimizes power consumption since fan speed varies according to temperature.

“Limited space, insufficient power, and other environmental limitations were easily addressed by InfraStruxure resolving our UPS, cooling, wiring and other issues, says Kim Ju-Hong, Team Chief, Core Computing Center.

A flexible data center environment

“InfraStruxure gave us the ability to quickly establish a flexible data center environment. It also allows for future expansion to be implemented easily and efficiently. It was an ideal choice from both the long-term and TCO perspectives, adds Mr. Kim.” Core Computing saw a 30% reduction in energy costs, while the new modular UPS and proximity cooling system saves them approximately 30% in electricity costs compared to the previous system configuration.

They’ve also seen a 40% increase in space efficiency, by greatly reducing the amount of space taken up by the UPS, constant temperature CRAC, and humidification system. Plus, as UPS, environment monitoring, control, and other functions can be adjusted through a single interface, the integrated data center monitoring system enabled easy management and minimized operating costs.

Core Computing saw a 30% reduction in energy costs

Integrated InfraStruxure solution

Core Computing has realized many advantages by upgrading their data center with the InfraStruxure solution. From space improvements to power and cooling costs savings, it has given them an exceptionally efficient data center for the future.

Here are just a few of the attributes that make it all work smoothly:

The Symmetra 250kWA

  • Gives Core Computing’s data center a modular, scalable, 3 phase UPS power protection solution with ultra-high availability and efficiency. Its easy-to-expand units allow configuration to match their clients’ changing business needs and because of its highly efficient (95%), it makes their data center eco-friendly.

InRow RC

Having rack proximity cooling minimizes fault-related downtime and maximizes cooling efficiency, while varying fan speeds to the temperature of racks, minimizes power consumption.

Energy Management System

This Identifies the user’s power configuration status and power consumption and collects data to analyze energy consumption and estimate energy costs.

Environment and security monitoring

The Netbotz appliance-based product is capable of performing stable environmental monitoring through highly reliable on-site sensors for temperature, humidity, airflow, and dew point. And the Pelco IP Camera features flexible, high- resolution visual surveillance, 24/7.

Integrated control system

Includes an IP-based integrated control system, with a Web-based integration feature enabling users to design their own UI to check real-time equipment status alarms or access logs.

Go deeper into Core Computing Center’s power and cooling solution by accessing the full case study here

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