Webinar - Comprehensive Cooling Insights for Mechanical Contractors

December 8, 2014 Schneider Electric

Webcast gives mechanical contractors insights into Secure Power cooling trends

A new audio webcast available here gives listeners insights into how trends led by digitization are changing the type of power and cooling solutions that mechanical contractors are getting involved with as industries try to create a more reliable, controlled environment for intelligent equipment.

The presentation titled, “Comprehensive Cooling Insights for Mechanical Contractors,” was recently made by Lubos Vaclavek, a Business Development Manager with Schneider Electric responsible for cooling and new cooling product introductions in the EMEA market. A key point stressed by Vaclavek was the need to adapt to “always on” pressures wrought by digitization and the Internet of Things.

“In fact, the number of devices connected today is exceeding the population, and there is no question there will be more [connected devices] in the future,” said Vaclavek. “Everything is getting more and more connected, and it is expected to be in communication all of the time.”

Vaclavek said that in industries including healthcare, water and waste water treatment, transportation settings such as railways, and manufacturing settings with process equipment on plant floors, there not only is the need for reliable power ensured through the use of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, but also use of chillers, precision cooling units, and other cooling solutions to create a more controlled temperature and humidity environment for intelligent equipment. With digitization, said Vaclavek, various industry sectors may “need an environment that is somewhat controlled, and that is where the cooling comes into play.”

In the webcast, Vaclavek outlined the type of cooling solutions mechanical contractors can expect to see more of as the result of digitization, and explained the online educational tools from Schneider Electric, such as white papers and trade-off tools, that contractors can tap to become better prepared for the opportunities.

Vaclavek also spoke about the need to balance complex requirements for the protection of mission-critical systems, such as the need to protect the rapidly growing number intelligent systems outside of data center environments, but also to manage those assets and their supporting power and cooling infrastructure for energy efficiency. This is an area, he added, where Schneider Electric is positioned to help with its expertise, products, and software-based energy monitoring and simulation tools. “It’s very much a challenging world, and you need solutions to meet all of these requirements, which at times can be contradictory,” Vaclavek said.

To find out more about online tools and resources mentioned in the presentation, visit APC by Schneider Electric’s Web page for consultants, designers, engineers, and contractors.

Contractors interested in finding out more about becoming an APC by Schneider Electric partner can visit APC Partner Central. This site offers content of interest to partners.

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