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[Customer Testimonial] RSNB Bank

“There is no question in my mind that in the long term we’re going to be saving more because we chose the InfraStruxure solution.”

RSNB Bank in Rock Springs, Wyo., U.S.  offers the full range of financial products and services to our customers and the local community. We remain the only locally owned and operated bank in Rock Springs.  Hear from their Network Administrator below:

"My role as network administrator presents the unique challenges of virtual and physical data security. My duties include maintenance of the network, data center, and front line machines, along with implementing new technology and software to provide the best customer service possible.

Our data center is critical to our day-to-day operations. A failure in our data center is a failure in customer service down the line. Downtime means we fail to give the customer that vital access to their account information.

Prior to purchasing InfraStruxure architecture we were always fighting cooling the data center. An A/C failure meant a lot of grief and emergency calls to the servicer to restore our precious cooling. It also frustrated employees and customers.  We needed redundant cooling that was compact enough for future growth.

I had known about APC™ by Schneider Electric™ for many years, and we wanted them to address this issue. Compared with quotes we had received from other vendors, APC by Schneider Electric stood above them in terms of cooling and redundancy, all for a price that was well below the competitors. And unlike other proposals, it fit our needs completely. Overall, APC by Schneider Electric offered a very clean and simple solution that they installed quickly and professionally, from start to finish.

InfraStruxure solutions give us all the additional capacity that we need and completely eliminates our cooling issues. We have less downtime due to better overall monitoring. We also expect to save on cooling due the efficiencies of removing the heat instead of cooling the entire room. Our UPS units’ modular design allows us to spend half the normal amount on our power protection maintenance. In addition, StruxureWare™ software applications and suites can constantly monitor multiple points along the power distribution, which is invaluable to us. When you add cooling, temperature, and water to that, it makes it a complete solution. Overall, I am very satisfied with my service experience with APC by Schneider Electric."


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