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[Healthcare Testimonial] Paradigm Management Services

Medical hub relies on StruxureWare software for data center management

“APC by Schneider Electric virtually has an end-to-end solution when it comes to managing power, cooling, and security.” 

Russell Wong 
Senior Director of Infrastructure and Technology Operations 
Paradigm Management Services, LLC 

“Paradigm is a catastrophic specialty networks company. We serve as a medical hub that connects people with catastrophic and complex injuries to medical experts, high-quality providers, and a clinical support infrastructure. Our customers and clients include direct employers, third-party administrators, and workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

“Paradigm is in a growth stage, so we needed to ensure that the technology we implement can grow with us as our needs grow—without requiring significant re-work or re-tooling. This is most critical in terms of power and cooling. We needed scalability to meet the increasing number of cases we manage. We also needed flexibility to implement custom products and services, and integration capabilities to build tighter relationship with our customers and our partners.

“We were building a new data center and were looking for a rack, cooling, and power solution that was scalable, redundant, and integrated management for the whole solution. We have used other APC by Schneider Electric™ products and have been extremely happy with the quality and reliability of our existing APC InfraStruxure™.

“As we were building the new data center, we wanted a better cooling solution than the large single HVAC unit in our data center. We worked with HWA, an APC partner, to help assess our needs and help design the appropriate solution. First, the APC by Schneider Electric solution was the best technical solution from a hardware perspective on the market.  Second, the integrated management system provided us with the tools necessary to easily manage and support the system. Third, our previous experiences with APC equipment and service were exceptional, making the selection of APC an easy choice.

“APC by Schneider Electric virtually has an end-to-end solution when it comes to managing power, cooling, and security. StruxureWare Data Center Expert was one of the deciding factors for going with APC, as we wanted an umbrella management system that handled cooling, power, and security. We’re a small team and do not have time to learn multiple management tools. APC gives us a single view that proactively monitors and notifies us of any issues with our system. Financially, we then worked with APC to justify the total cost of ownership. Savings comes from ease of management. From a cooling perspective, we are no longer using a non-redundant HVAC unit to cool an entire server room. We are now cooling just the equipment and, as a result, should have cost savings.”


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