Creating smart homes in urban spaces

August 25, 2015 Vijeta Jena

In today’s ever-evolving ‘Smart’ world, everyone has a check list for smart items, don’t they? And with smart applications and appliances available at the tap of a button, we are constantly seeking tools that are effortless, efficient and green. As we seek to own appliances which are smart, the idea of building a smart home or a smart office is becoming increasingly popular with the promise of a convenient and safer lifestyle and the concept also contributing towards developing smart cities.

The concept of smart homes has been gaining momentum and the Indian government too has put a step forward in this direction with the launch of Smart Cities in the country. With increasing use of smartphones, tablets, inter-connected devices and the concept of Internet of Things taking shape, smart homes are poised to be the reality of the home

The generation today is tech-savvy, aspirational and environmentally conscious. Many are looking out for options that not only offer convenience and comfort but also safety and security. One of the interesting areas of the smart city/smart home concept is energy management which includes smart metering, energy efficient lighting, switches and usage of renewable sources of energy.

But apart from using smart technology and products, there are also simple ways in which we can turn our present living spaces more smart and a energy efficient. We can install low energy consumption electrical equipments such as compact fluorescent lamp or light emitting diodes at houses, utilize solar equipments to reduce electricity cost in the long run and utilize natural light.

As responsible human beings, we should think and analyze our daily electricity usage, in our homes, offices, shops etc and also remember to control lighting that is responsible for one-fourth of all electricity consumption worldwide. One simple  corrective action might bring about massive savings over a period of time and help the planet to be greener and cleaner.

Other options we must explore include switching off phone chargers when not in use, using one power strip for multiple appliances, switching off computers, printers and other electronic equipment at night or weekends, putting your laptop in hibernation mode when not in use and replace old appliances with energy-saving models. Little acts like these will help the planet and make our lives greener and cleaner.

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