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Important features to look for when choosing the right Back-UPS

Back-UPS is a type of UPS that offers battery backup and guaranteed power. The device is capable of controlling any surges that occur in the electrical systems. The system might include air conditioners, wireless networks, computers, gaming consoles or any other electronic device. The electrical surges, voltage fluctuations, damaging surges and spikes are the primary reason why electrical devices breakdown.

Schneider Electric India offers a range of domestic and industrial UPS and Back UPS which offers the following features:

Reliable Battery:

  • Automatic Self Test: The battery runs an automatic self-test to detect the faults in the device. The test is done to detect if the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Battery Failure Notification: It generates a warning notification on fault analysis. This helps in running timely maintenance checks in the system and do a preventive check of all the components.
  • Intelligent Battery Management: The modern day UPS is capable of maximizing battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.

Maximised Protection:

  • Battery and surge protected outlets: Back-UPS has a secure battery backup and protection setup that protects the hardware devices and critical data during dirty power or power outages, surges or spikes.
  • Exclusive Surge Outlets: The surge arrester protects secondary electronic devices from power surges without reducing the power supply to the battery to run primary electronics during an outage.
  • Safety-agency approved: The entire setup is made secure by testing the product for safety. These devices work under safety certification by agencies in collaboration with connected service provider and equipment only in the specified environment.

Easy to Manage and Operate:

  • LED status display: The display of UPS battery backup is easy to understand and read. The power status is specified with visual indicators that are easy to interpret.
  • Audible alarms: It has audible alarms that provide notify the household of the fluctuating utility power and UPS power conditions.

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