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Your Home: The Reflection of Your Personality Shown in Colors, Artwork and Lighting

Despite the old saying, walls do talk, and they speak volumes about the people living within them. Home interiors are generally viewed as expressions of their owners’ personalities. If you don’t like what your safe, neutral decor is saying about you, try some of these ways to inject more of yourself into it.

Choose colors that complement you

You may not realize it, but your preference for certain paint and wall covering colors says a lot about your personality. In the study of color psychology, blue is associated with intellect and has a strong influence on our mental state. Conversely, red stimulates us physically. Other colors can evoke feelings of balance (green), spirituality (violet), or warmth (brown).

You’re likely intuitively drawn to certain color schemes because of your temperament. An introvert, for example, may respond to the calming effect of soft, cool hues while an extrovert prefers the energizing feeling of warmer shades. Choosing paint colors that complement your personality is a way to leave a little of yourself in every room and guarantee you and your guests always feel at home.

Add appropriate artwork

Artwork is another way to put a personal touch on your home decor. Instead of hanging that popular reprint of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, look for pieces that express who you are. One way is to incorporate art that evokes your character. Avant-garde pieces are great for showing off your eccentric side, while portraits can speak to your gregarious nature. Or you can use art to showcase your interests. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, consider some natural landscape photos or paintings. If travel is your passion, incorporate some images of your favorite places, or artwork you’ve picked up from cities and countries you’ve visited.

Illuminate your personality with lighting

Well-chosen lighting can shed light on aspects of your personality as well as your living space. The type and style of the lighting fixture and even the color of the bulb can be used to express your preferences. A fixture with straight lines and single white bulb makes a strong minimalist statement. Chandeliers and other decorative lighting fixtures, on the other hand, make striking centerpieces and convey a taste for elegance.

Light switches and electrical outlets can also reflect your personal style. Made from materials including wood, aluminum, glass, stone, marble, laminate, and stainless steel, today’s fixtures can complement any personality or style of room.

Share personal details

Including sentimental items and other personal memorabilia in your decor is the most powerful way to make a space uniquely yours. It could be a cabinet of curios that tells the story of one of your favorite travels, or a just a couple prized possessions you display on a shelf. These small touches add more personal charm than store-bought knick-knacks ever could.

Following these tips will help add a pop of personality to your home. If you have tips or examples to add to this story, please feel free to highlight them in the comments below.

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