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The Experience of a Launch: Galaxy VS

One of the most important experiences I’ve had in my life has been the opportunity to witness the launch of a rocket into space. In my case, I was present at a night launch of a space shuttle and the emotion still makes me shiver. From the expectation of attending the launch, to witnessing it physically, it was a memorable experience.

While not everyone will be lucky enough to witness a rocket launch into space, working for a company that devotes a large investment to research and development can provide a similar experience: having the opportunity to experience the launch of a new product.

The Next-best UPS has launched

Earth viewing from space at night with sun flare.During my career I have had the opportunity to lead several launches of product offers for Latin America and each of them has been very exciting and increasingly challenging. This is the case of the launch of the new Galaxy VS, the latest addition to the successful series of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products of Schneider Electric Galaxy V. Earlier this year, we announced the availability of this new line of products and the expectation that it created was extraordinary. After the great success of the Galaxy VX series, which in less than a year was positioned as the leading product in the UPS market to support Data Centers in the Cloud, the challenge was greater. Galaxy VS is designed to support the second pillar of internet networks, computing at the edge of the network or edge computing.

Upward Trajectory of Galaxy VS

In recent months, edge computing has been so important – to ensure its availability, the most complementary UPS provides availability and high performance in a compact size, at the right cost. When launching the Galaxy VS, we were validated by the interest from customers looking for a quality solution to enable their data computing needs.

Like a space mission, the launch is only the first part; next comes monitoring and management. Given the great reception that the new offer Galaxy VS has received since its launch, I am convinced that this mission will be a success.

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