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3 Strategies for your Mission Critical Data Center During Consolidation

3 Strategies for your Mission Critical Data Center During Consolidation

As an IT professional for the U.S. Government, your data center is atypical and your situation is unique. Charged with advancing and securing some of the most important missions in the world, you still have to reduce costs and support new connected technologies within that context. Plus, you have to meet mandates and comply with regulations — sometimes in unique locations.

It doesn’t get more complex than that.

How do you simplify and optimize your mission critical data center in the face of consolidation?

You can start small, in one corner of your environment, or you can consider a comprehensive infrastructure upgrade with high efficiency and high densities designed from the ground up and throughout the entire lifecycle of the data center — from power, cooling, rack systems, physical security to management software and services.


Getting the Most for your Money

To work through this lifecycle, you need customized strategies to fit your — unique — needs. We work with you through the following steps to move you towards measurable savings, enhanced reliability and funding.

  1. Assessments and planning: Identify which data centers can be consolidated for maximum efficiency gains and improved power usage effectiveness (PUE).
  1. Infrastructure improvements that benefit all parts of your operation: Integrated, high-density, high-efficiency IT room systems increase availability and agility while lowering operating costs.
  1. Fund improvements with guaranteed energy savings: Amid shrinking budgets, an energy savings performance contract funds improvement projects using private financing, and it’s paid for through utility savings over time. (If you don’t see the savings, we pay you back.)


Fast and Cool

You might be thinking, ‘Yes, those are the right steps, but we need everything done yesterday.’ Plus, the heat is on as smaller areas concentrate hot equipment.

The pressure to comply and consolidate certainly shrinks both time and space. It creates the need for speedier builds and highly efficient cooling. We understand this pressure.

And since we make such broad range of data center equipment, we can address the issues that cause you pressure — using commercial, off-the-shelf smart products, streamlining the months of traditional design time down to weeks.

To address the small space and high heat, we utilize high-density containment pods — a thermal containment system that is the most energy-efficient way to ramp up power density.

This method can allow an existing legacy data center to transform into a high-density, high-efficiency data center during a consolidation project. The self-contained nature of the pod means minimal planning, design or engineering.


Unique Location

Your data center is always on call, but sometimes the mission changes, not just in the data it’s handling, but also in the physical location. Our containerized and modular computing environments can go anywhere your agency goes.

We have been there too, having experience building these solutions for federal civilian agencies, the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO the Intelligence Community and friendly foreign governments.

Standardized and custom modular data centers are built using ISO containers in both high-cube and standard height formats. For military use, they can withstand the most demanding conditions and environments and fit inside aircraft cargo bays for air transportation with quick deployment anywhere in the world. Anti-vibration pads, anti-ballistic armoring, DoD and NATO approved locks, or TEMPEST protection are included in the designs.

IT is important to every organization, but for some in federal IT, it can mean keeping Americans out of harm’s way. We take pride in and support our country’s mission.


Here’s a quick overview of contract offerings.

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