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4 Reasons to Upgrade to the Smarter Smart-UPS

4 Reasons to Upgrade to the Smarter Smart-UPS

 Michael Maiello

Chances are the profile of your IT infrastructure has changed considerably over the last few years, as technologies such as virtualization make higher densities more common for servers and applications alike. If you haven’t upgraded your UPS systems in some time, they may well be overmatched should an outage occur.

Today’s UPS technology offers more sophisticated power protection that can help you keep up with the most demanding IT loads. The APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS offerings now support three features that make for compelling reasons to look into an upgrade: an efficient “green” design, user-friendly LCD display that makes life easier for IT, and an intelligent battery management system. What’s more, APC is offering an attractive program for users that trade in their old UPSs, no matter the brand.

1. Efficient design saves money

The latest Smart‐UPS models are based on a patent-pending design that dramatically increases efficiency. When in “green” mode, the devices bypass unused electrical components during good power conditions to achieve operating efficiency of 97 percent or higher without sacrificing any protection. That means real savings on utility costs when compared to most line-interactive UPS units.

You can actually monitor UPS power usage via a power meter function on the unit’s LCD display, so you know exactly where you stand. What’s more, the new Smart-UPS units are compatible with high-efficiency Energy Star-rated servers from leading IT vendors. They also meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, making compliance a non-issue.

2. User-friendly LCD display

The new Smart-UPS devices have a built-in LCD display designed for flexibility and ease of use. You can configure the UPS via software or the display itself. The display on rack/tower convertible units even rotates 90 degrees for easier viewing.

The intuitive alphanumeric display gives you clear and accurate UPS and power quality information at a glance. The standard view provides basic status and power quality data along with menus for configuration, test and diagnostics, and general information about the device. The advanced view adds a scrolling status screen with additional “control” and “logs” menu options.

3. New life cycle and battery features simplify management

We’ve also added a feature to the new Smart‐UPS line that no other unit on the market has: a battery life expectancy prediction. The display tells you the exact month and year in which to replace the battery for optimum protection. And the prediction is dynamic, meaning it adjusts for temperature fluctuations that may affect the battery’s life cycle. With a quick glance, you’ll know exactly how much battery life you have left at any time – no more guesswork.

Your battery will also last longer thanks to intelligent battery management features that supply only the charge the battery requires. This increases battery life through precision, temperature‐compensated charging, and prevents overcharge situations. And it’s guaranteed to restart your loads after an extended power failure, even with a fully depleted battery.

4. Big savings with Trade-UPS

Besides all the new features, you’ll also save money when upgrading to a new Smart-UPS thanks to the Trade-UPS program. Trade in your old UPSs – regardless of brand – and you’ll save up to 25 percent on a new Smart‐UPS. We even pay for shipping of the old units and provide proper ecological disposal and recycling of them – one less hassle for you.

Make sure an old UPS isn’t the weak link in your IT infrastructure. Check out the new, smarter Smart-UPS line and take advantage of its proven reliability, efficient design and new features that make it simpler to use than ever.  Click here for more info.



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