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Connect Your Home to Simplify Everyday Living

We recognize that the world is changing, and at a fast pace. Globally, we are becoming more and more reliant on that precious resource, energy. Right now, cities are consuming 75% of all global energy, and are generating 80% of all greenhouse emissions. Strikingly, electricity consumption in homes is set to double by 2040*. This means that our future energy requirements and consumption are set to rise, dramatically. On top of this, you’ve come to expect reliable electrical safety, as well exceptional comfort, convenience and connectivity in your home. So, it’s not surprising we’ve been thinking long and hard about the role of the 21st century home, how we can make your home life more comfortable, and at the same time, we’ve been working out how we can limit your home’s ecological footprint.

Comfort, convenience, safety, and energy efficiency – all under one roof

Based on this changing landscape, and after many months assessing the market and listening carefully to our customers, we are excited to be introducing Wiser. Wiser is our smart home system that makes your home life richer – and less complicated.  Now you have full control over your home lighting, heating, shutters and energy management – from anywhere, and at any time. All of which means more safety, comfort, efficiency and simplicity for you and your loved ones.


The Difference is Wiser

Available in select countries from March 2018**, Wiser is a range of connected solutions that simplify key home functions, (heating control, lighting control, energy management, shutter control). Wiser delivers a connected and interoperable solution to each function, to bring intuitiveness, comfort and personalization right into your home:

Wiser App powerful home control via smart phone

With Wiser, you have your home in the palm of your hand – anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, at work, or on vacation, you can always access your home via the cleverly designed Wiser App, for maximum comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Wiser App – powerful home control via smart phone

Wiser Home Touch the master touchscreen controller

Wiser Home Touch has a dual role: it’s the hub for all your Wiser products, as well as the touchscreen from which you can create your ideal home ambiance.

Wiser Home Touch – the master touchscreen controller

Heating control full temperature control, whether home or away

With Wiser you can easily tweak your heating settings for the perfect home temperature.  Warm and cozy comfort during those chilly winter evenings, not forgetting the energy savings you’ll make while you’re away.

Heating control – full temperature control, whether home or away

Lighting control for optimized ambiance, security, and efficiency

With Wiser, select the ideal lighting for any occasion and see the world in a different light. Wiser lighting control creates the perfect ambiance for all your daily activities like reading, cooking, a movie in, or receiving guests.

Lighting control - for optimized ambiance, security, and efficiency

Energy management Wiser keeps tabs on your energy usage

Wiser monitors your energy production and consumption. Check how much energy your solar panel installation is generating and keep tabs on how much you’re spending, appliance by appliance – including your EVlink charged electric vehicle. And, get notified, should something require your attention – for maximum efficiency and safety.

 Energy management – Wiser monitors energy production and consumption

Shutter control for increased privacy and protection

Wiser introduces a new way to enjoy home living. Welcome the sunshine in, or not! Imagine waking up gently as the early morning sun peeks through your opening shutters. And, at the simple press of a button, close your shutters for privacy inside your home, or for added security while you’re away.

Shutter control – for increased privacy and protection

Sensors keeping an eye on your home, 24/7

Wiser sensors monitor your home and notify you via the Wiser App if something’s amiss. Place the leakage sensor in the kitchen or bathroom to detect the first sign of a leak. Install smoke sensors to increase protection against fire. Use window/door sensors to make sure the windows and doors are safely closed. Or, let motion sensors automatically adjust lighting and heating based on where you are.

Life Is On!

Experience convenience and simplicity. Experience the Wiser Differencethe difference that brings comfort, safety, and energy efficiency into the heart of your home.

* Source: International Energy Agency IEA, World Energy Outlook

**Availability: While individual Wiser applications are already available in a large number of countries including UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia and USA, the complete Wiser experience will be available in Germany from July 2018, and in France from October 2018. Roll-out of Wiser in additional countries will follow in the coming quarters. Timings and full details of all scheduled roll-outs will be made available on our website during the coming months.

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