8 Megatrends Impacting the Colocation Industry

August 2, 2016 Mike Hagan


As the importance of the data center in business rises, so do the disruptions to the colocation market — resulting in both challenges and opportunities. In particular, we’ve identified eight megatrends and interviewed eight industry experts to find out how they are managing or leveraging the following: edge computing, the changing face of the colo buyer, interconnectivity, data center design architectures, IoT and Big Data, cloud computing, DCIM and industry consolidation.

In response to these disruptors, many colocation providers are adapting by expanding their service offerings, both directly and by partnering with other providers such as cloud companies. The goal is to ensure current customer needs are met and also anticipate expansion, thus readying customers for future growth.

8 Megatrends  

To learn more about the impact of the eight megatrends in the real world, we went right to the source —the colocation experts— and interviewed them on these top colocation trends. A video series of the interviews will be released over the next eight weeks right here in the blog.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up.

Week 1: Andy Stewart, CSO, TierPoint, reviews the various cloud computing models and predicts the many ways cloud will be deployed in the future.

Week 2: Jim Reinhart, COO, QTS, explores how the shift in the data center’s business role, has caused a shift in the colocation buyer profile as well.

Week 3: Doug Adams, President, RagingWire, affirms the need for “at scale” data centers in order to support the IoT and process big data.

Week 4: Kevin Dalton, VP, Digital Realty, talks about how data center architectures must be more flexible than ever in order to quickly scale and satisfy ever-increasing demand.

Week 5: Josh Snowhorn, VP & GM, CyrusOne, explains how incredibly important the right connectivity platform is to meeting business requirements.

Week 6: Hugh Carspecken, CEO, DartPoints, discusses the evolution of applications and what key business drivers are pushing computing out to the edge.

Week 7: Craig McKesson, EVP, T5, reviews the evolution of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools and the promise of visibility and control.

Week 8: Richard Lukaj, Senior Managing Director, Bank Street, gives us a snapshot of where the colocation industry currently stands with mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Watch the Learning from the Experts Video Series

Learn more about these important data center megatrends.

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