DCIM Myth Busters

May 8, 2015 InformationWeek

Over the past several years, the term data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has grown in use throughout the data center industry. Many have embraced the importance of DCIM in helping to regulate, optimize, manage and maintain the data center. But despite growing awareness of this technology, it is commonly misunderstood. 

There are many misconceptions about the true meaning of DCIM. Rather than referring to a standard industry-wide definition, many data center and facility managers think of DCIM as one-off, individual automation and control solutions.

Ask two different data center managers -- or better yet, a data center manager and a facilities manager -- about their DCIM system, and you’ll likely receive two very different answers. In an effort to debunk common DCIM myths, the technical experts at Schneider Electric's IT Business compiled the following myth busters to help you pick the right tools for your environment.

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