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July 13, 2015 Schneider Electric

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IT Briefcase: Schneider Electric Invigorates Commitment to Global Channel Partners
July 6, 2015 

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. – July 6, 2015 – Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the launch of an invigorated APC by Schneider Electric Global Channel Partner Program with a number of new enhancements to meet the rapidly evolving needs of partners in the changing IT landscape. This renewed commitment to its 100,000+ global partners, including strategic changes to both the organization and the program, was shaped by the direct feedback from partners and focuses on enhanced profitability, support, enablement and overall partner experience.

“Our success as a business is directly tied to the success of our channel partners,” said Rob McKernan, Senior Vice President, Global IT Channels. “It is critical that we align our organization to best support and enable our partners. The more we can bring global channel partners into developing conversations, the better we’ll be able to drive solutions and revenue streams that are mutually beneficial.”

As partners move to a more diverse business model to include managed services, this program has evolved with them. Key enhancements to APC by Schneider Electric’s Global Channel Partner Program that are providing immediate value to the entire partner community include:

- Profitable Growth: To drive business for partners, APC by Schneider Electric will provide partners with programs that capitalize on industry trends and needs, including a lead generation Partner Opportunity Program (POP), an Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) and rewards and marketing development funds.

- Specialized Enablement: To enable growth for our partners in today’s dynamic IT marketplace, APC by Schneider Electric is introducing specialized certification paths that align with our partners’ business needs.

- Streamlined Support: Partners now have easier and faster access to the tools, information, training and support they need to be successful in their current business, or as they expand to capitalize on new managed services revenue streams.

- Improved Experience: As a result of continuous enhancements to the structure and content of APC by Schneider Electric’s secure partner web pages, partners will benefit from an overall improved digital experience. With new content updates available regularly, partners will have access to resources which reflect the most critical IT aspects of their respective industries.

Additionally, in an important move, APC by Schneider Electric has also developed a new Global Channels Organization, led by Rob McKernan, that will oversee Global Alliances, Partner Programs, Home and Business Networks Products, Customer Care Centers, Channel Marketing, Channel Operations and Commercial Sales teams in specific regions to focus on improving partners’ satisfaction and growth by aligning with the specific needs of channel partners. The evolved organizational structure, combined with improvements to the company’s Global Channel Partner Program, will meet the developing needs of its partner community and continue to provide a valuable and differentiated experience based on profitability, enablement, support, and an overall renewed partner experience. For more information, please visit


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Newsfactor: Schneider Electric Debuts Micro Data Centers
By Shirley Siluk, July 6, 2015 

Targeting the growing number of enterprises deploying edge computing for faster, closer-to-the-source data processing and storage, Schneider Electric recently launched a new portfolio of micro data center solutions. The all-in-one micro data centers include power, cooling, and management software in a self-contained and quick-to-set-up package.

Schneider Electric's new micro data center portfolio includes the SmartBunker SX for traditional IT rooms, the office-optimized SmartBunker CX, the "ruggedized" SmartBunker FX, and the rugged, multi-rack SmartShelter that can be deployed in any environment.

Launched first in North America, the SmartBunker micro data center solutions are expected to roll out globally later this year, according to Schneider Electric. The Rhode Island-based company said the offerings provide customers with a standardized and factory-tested way to deploy data centers securely, quickly, and efficiently.

IoT Fueling Growth at the Edge

With the rapid emergence of mobile computing and the Internet of Things, enterprises are finding it more efficient and quicker to move pieces of their computing infrastructures to the edge of their networks, closer to where data is generated or resides. Also known as fog computing, edge computing by 2018 is expected to handle 40 percent of all data created by the Internet of Things, according to Cisco.

"We are already seeing the emergence of edge applications in retail and industrial applications, and we believe the need for edge computing will only grow as the Internet of Things expands into commercial applications," said Dave Johnson, senior vice president of Data Center Solutions for Schneider Electric.

Johnson said the new portfolio of micro data center solutions addresses "the latency, bandwidth and processing speed challenges customers are facing with the growth of connected devices and data applications." Cisco estimates that the Internet of Things will have grown to some 50 billion devices connected to one another via the Internet by 2020.

Focus on Site-Specific Services

"Creating micro data centers is something companies have done for years, but often in an ad hoc manner," noted David Cappuccio, a Gartner Inc. analyst. "By partnering with vendors, and creating a consistent and standardized architecture, enterprises can regain control of these critical assets, and increase the ability to rapidly introduce site-specific services, while reducing risks and operational costs, and improving service levels."

Schneider Electric on Monday also announced changes to the Global Channel Partner Program for its APC business. The redesigned program, developed with the help of direct feedback from partners, is aimed at supporting partners as they move to more diverse business models that include managed services, the company said.

APC by Schneider Electric has more than 100,000 channel partners around the globe. The new program includes a focus on profit-building through help with lead generation and marketing development, specialized certification paths, streamlined support and new online content and resources.

The company is also rolling out a new Global Channels Organization to oversee programs and support the needs of channel partners in specific regions around the world. The organization will be led by Rob McKernan, senior vice president for Global IT Channels.

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Facility Executive: Organizations Increasing Investment in Data Center Facilities; Focus on Upgrades and Retrofits
By Facility Executive Staff, July 9, 2015 

Despite increased investment in cloud and colocation providers, 87% of data center operators surveyed from North America and Europe are maintaining or increasing their data center facility spending, with 25% expecting to increase spending over the next 90 days, according to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Datacenters Q2 2015 quarterly survey.

Both medium-sized and large organizations expect to increase spending on data centers, with the most growth coming from healthcare and finance industries. The primary targets for this increased spending are rack and cabling, power equipment, and data center infrastructure management software (DCIM).

“To support growing business demands on IT, enterprises are freeing up budgets and investing in modernizing neglected data center facilities,” said Dan Harrington, Research Director at 451 Research.

Organizations surveyed cited Schneider Electric as their preferred provider in four out of seven facilities equipment and software categories, including universal power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDU), and racks and cabling, as well as DCIM. Emerson Network Power follows closely in many categories and is the number one preferred computer room air conditioning and air handling equipment provider. Other vendors that ranked highly include Carrier, Caterpillar, Eaton, HP and Trane.

The survey also revealed that organizations continue to consolidate their local data centers and server rooms in favor of a more centralized model supplemented by colocation and cloud resources. Over the next two years, most organizations expect to close many of their smaller local data centers and server rooms, indicating a continued trend toward fewer overall datacenter sites. However, the number of premium, centralized data centers – targets for datacenter consolidation and migration projects – is increasing.

While there will be more, larger sites, the total overall datacenter square footage owned by enterprises is flat worldwide. Of those organizations increasing spending, 37% are doing so to support datacenter retrofits or upgrade projects. Existing data centers will need to be upgraded, considering 62% of organizations would rather consolidate their IT infrastructure than build a new data center.

Colocation and Cloud Service Providers are Increasingly Important Deployment Venues

When organizations reach 75% data center utilization, they begin to evaluate the need for additional capacity, according to the survey. Those organizations are more likely to adopt colocation and cloud providers than to build a new data center. This is consistent with 451’s Datacenter Market Sizing Forecast Model, which shows the colocation market growing at 8% in Q2 2015 on a square footage basis. Colocation and wholesale providers are becoming more important to enterprises as they provide reliable and secure datacenter space and connectivity.



“Colocation and cloud service providers are well positioned to grow as enterprises require additional capacity and increasingly need to be more agile in responding to growing business demands,” said Harrington. “Facilities vendors who target colocation and cloud service providers also will benefit from this increased enterprise demand.”

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