Power Meters Save Time & Ensure Accuracy

November 8, 2017 Amine Adra

Connect to power fast

For panel builders, one of the most powerful ways to improve margins is to save time. Well, to be more specific, to save time while ensuring an accurate, safe installation. Saving time only works when it includes precision. For example, plenty of panelboards look great at a glance: well-designed, organized, and clean. But then perhaps an issue arose after meter installation – one that initially went unnoticed – and now there’s secondary work to do. Too bad that these issues weren’t noticed during design. Now there are dozens of screw terminals (probably requiring different screwdriver sizes) and terminal blocks to troubleshoot or re-wire.

Working with Power Meters

The simple things make the difference

Panel builders will be familiar with the above scenario. A rushed meter installation might lead to unforced errors or extra time spent fabricating and assembling. Thankfully, meter technology exists that can save significant meter installation time (up to 75% in fact) with a couple of RJ-45 plug-and-play connections. It’s even possible today for this self-configure, avoids wiring errors and associated re-work costs. This also helps avoid the need for secondary panel fabrication operations. In fact, this quick installation technology means connections no longer need dozens of screw terminals – across the meter, the CT shorting block, or the CTs themselves. No tools!

It’s true, there are several options out there when it comes to saving time building panels, and it’s good to remember not all meters are necessarily the same. Time-saving technology should not only ensure safety and accuracy but also minimize the number of setup/configuration steps. Auto-detection of CT parameters will further reduce any potential for errors. Accuracy standards like IEC 62053 -21/22, as well as to new power quality standards for THD and individual harmonics as per IEC 61557-12 are also important.

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