What Can You Manage Remotely on the Edge?

May 27, 2016
Click here to learn more about data center operations http://bit.ly/2on5dE0 and power management http://bit.ly/2pq3fSk Leonard Francis, Associate Director of IT Operations at Weill Cornell Medical College talks about being able to manage power and cooling remotely leveraging SE technology. You can manage a lot of stuff remotely, but if you have an outage you need someone there. You need to look at your support contracts & leverage existing relationships. Recorded at Data Center Dynamics Enterprise 2016. View the full panel about Edge Computing: http://bit.ly/1Uf4Im1. Learn more about Solutions for Edge Computing: http://bit.ly/1WXQ6yF
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The Shift in the Infrastructure and Bandwidth Needs for the Edge
The Shift in the Infrastructure and Bandwidth Needs for the Edge

Click here to learn more about DCIM http://bit.ly/2omKPmd Ron Sacks, Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner at ...

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How do you evaluate your site for the Edge?
How do you evaluate your site for the Edge?

Click here to learn more about data center design http://bit.ly/2owCXAC and data center solutions http://bi...


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