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Tip Sheet - Why Adaptability Matters

As you move to the cloud, it's more critical than ever that your edge IT spaces such as network closets, and server rooms maintain connectivity, operate efficiently, and have the availability you need.

Adaptable enclosures ensure that your power and cooling equipment can easily be deployed and configured in any edge IT space, while improving the health of your physical IT infrastructure.

How are adaptable solutions beneficial to your IT environment?

You need to deploy your IT equipment in the space you have, whether it was intended as dedicated IT space or not. As a result, equipment may end up mounted on walls or crammed into tight corners. To make the most of any IT space, select vendor-neutral racks and enclosures that are built to accommodate the space and equipment you have. Choose from varying depths, widths, and heights, as well as soundproofed designs and additional accessories that easily adapt to any conguration in any environment.

Agile, vendor-neutral racks can accommodate ever-changing IT equipment for easy deployment and manageability, while maximizing space, cooling, and availability.

  • Two- and four-post open frame racks are perfect for networking, patching, and low density server application. They include cable managers that keep your cables organized. This allows for an organized space with proper air flow for both servers and networking equipment. They also allow for slim installation and mounting of IT equipment.
  • Soundproofed enclosures, like the NetShelter™ CX server in a box solution, are designed for deploying equipment in non-dedicated spaces. Being soundproofed, these racks allow for deployment of your IT anywhere, because your loud IT equipment will not disturb people trying to work nearby. They are fan-ventilated and come with standard power distribution and cable management.
  • NetShelter racks arrive pre-assembled and have removable sides and adjustable rails for quick installation. They allow for optimal air flow and when partnered with an in-rack, or in-room, cooling unit, maximize the life of your IT equipment. These solutions are also very secure with multiple options to lock the side panels and front/rear doors.

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