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Tip Sheet - Why Simplicity Matters

With ever-changing physical infrastructure needs, your IT space is at a premium. However, implementing effective and efficient solutions to support your IT can be simple and help you to maintain availability.

Focus on the health of your IT with simple solutions.

If your IT environment is limited in size, you could likely benefit from solutions that will help you make the most of your small spaces, while keeping the area organized and secure.

We offer simple, pre-congured solutions that can support those needs, including:

  • Cable management
  • Racks and PDUs
  • Soundproofed enclosures
  • Power and protection

These solutions are easy to install and integrate with existing physical IT infrastructure as well as new build-outs. Solutions are shipped “ready to install” with tool-less rack PDU installation and standard cable management features. They have been tested, validated, verified, and configured to work together. That way, they can t easily into any small space. 

Our informative solution guides can help you quickly and easily deploy the solutions you need to maintain the health of your physical infrastructure.  Conquer your IT challenges and concerns with any of these helpful guides:

  • “Cost effective solutions for small business server rooms and network closets”
  • “Deploying equipment in telecom and data rooms and closets”
  • “Deploying equipment offsite in co-location sites or the cloud”
  • “Deploying IT equipment outside of the dedicated IT space”
  • “Installing IT equipment into tight spaces”
  • “Minimizing the use of floor space with wall-mounted IT racks”
  • “Optimized management and safe shutdown for virtualized server rooms”
  • “Optimizing space in a newly consolidated server room”
  • “Protection strategies for recently virtualized server rooms and closets”

Visit our Sales Tools Portal to gain access to the useful solutions guides mentioned above:


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