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Industry of Things World USA 2023

March 19-21, 2023 | Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution today and put the hype into action!

Digitalization instead of traditionalization: The diverse, new, technological possibilities of industrial IoT are increasingly becoming the focus of industrial companies. But what exactly does industrial IoT bring to the company? What role do digitization, networking, data play?

At Industry of Things World USA more than 350 experts, decision-makers and providers from industry will discuss use & business cases relating to Industry 4.0.

Catch our solution study with Carsten Baumann live or on-demand. 

Easy Button - Plan and deploy sustainable compute infrastructure in IoT environments

Monday, March 20 at 9:35 AM PST 

Carsten Baumann

Here are the resources Baumann references in his talk:

*The on-demand talk will be added to this page after the event.

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