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[Webinar] Breaking the DCIM Paradigm: Data Center Management in a Digital World

On-Demand Webinar

It goes without saying that the data center business continues to evolve. And, as a part of that evolution, we’re experiencing growth in the market alongside new solutions impacting overall data center operations. The environmental variables of the data center aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we still need to focus on power, cooling, and things like airflow. However, the biggest difference today is that we have smarter sensors and better integration with DCIM systems. Today, we have the integration of digital solutions within the walls of our data centers.


In this webinar, we'll discuss the latest findings from the AFCOM State of the Data Center report and examine how leaders in the space are breaking new ground in supporting the management of smarter data center systems. Specifically, we'll discuss:

•Data Center Management: Legacy vs. Digital Solutions

•Defining DCIM in Today's Data-Drive World

•DCIM: A Tool for Both Business and Technology

•Real-World Solutions Driving the Digital DCIM Revolution

•Final Thoughts and Best Practices



  • Greg Johnson | Director, Sales | Data Center Software Solutions
  • Bill Kleyman | Industry Analyst | Board Advisory Member | Writer/Blogger/Speaker | Executive | Millennial | Techie


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