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  • Cloud Computing5:18

    Cloud Computing

    The Chief Strategy Officer at TeirPoint explains that in order to truly “win” at differentiating, providers must offer flexible options and visibility into overlapping IT environments.

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  • DCIM5:04


    In any data center, DCIM brings varied business benefits such as operational efficiency, reduced risk and capacity management/planning.

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  • Internet of Things & Big Data - “At Scale Computing”5:52

    Internet of Things & Big Data - “At Scale Computing”

    Big data, derived in large from the Internet of Things, is helping shape the way companies develop, improve and bring products to market and serve consumers and customers.

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  • The Changing Face of the Colo Buyer4:25

    The Changing Face of the Colo Buyer

    While IT professionals play a critical role in a majority of colocation decisions, they are not the only central decision makers.

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  • Data Center Design Architectures4:19

    Data Center Design Architectures

    The evolution of data center design architectures has always been about 100% uptime. However, how this can be accomplished has been a process that has evolved over the years.

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  • Interconnectivity4:21


    Reliable connectivity in the data center market is crucial, and as a process, it requires planning to ensure reduced latency for customers.

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions4:37

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Over the last decade there have been many ebbs and flows in the overall evolution of the colocation marketplace. Mergers and acquisitions continue to greatly impact the colocation industry.

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