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Congratulations to our 2019 Master-level Critical Power EcoXpert™ Partners

Each year, Schneider Electric regional leaders nominate a select group of EcoXpert partners to be considered for the title of Master-level EcoXpert. Those chosen to receive this prestigious designation have not only completed extensive training and certification requirements with Schneider Electric, they have also demonstrated excellence beyond expectation in their close collaboration with Schneider Electric’s research and development teams.

Master-level Critical Power EcoXpertThis year, we are proud to share that 29 companies spanning 17 countries have earned this coveted partner level for going above and beyond to develop truly innovative solutions using EcoStruxureTM Power, Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled platform for electrical distribution. Because of their work on such comprehensive power management solutions, these companies have been recognized among all our valued partners as best-in-class integration companies for providing safe, reliable, and efficient power to the world’s most critical buildings, data centers, and industrial facilities. These companies are categorized as master-level critical power EcoXpert partners.

This elite group of master-level critical power EcoXpert partners represents a community of key ambassadors who are integral to bringing the full potential of EcoStruxure Power to life. As the implementation arm of EcoStruxure, EcoXperts are literally changing the industry paradigm by setting new standards in technology and partnership. Their vast expertise enables them to help their customers through the digital transformation driven by disruptive technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud services.

Abampere – Argentina

Founded in 2008, Abampere S.A. started out as a meter selling company, but ten years later is proud to provide Energy Management and Power Quality solutions to the top companies in Argentina. In a world with limited natural resources, energy efficiency is a must. Abampere’s highly trained and experienced engineers provide efficient energy solutions that are supported by the best technology available in the market.

Azzo – Australia

Founded in 2005, AZZO delivers innovative, practical and efficient solutions for energy management, engineering, and technological challenges across Australia and to more than fifteen countries around the globe. They provide customized solutions in energy management systems, software development, electrical contracting and industrial automation, and electrical engineering. In a recent project, AZZO transformed the massive 100,000-seat  Melbourne Cricket Ground venue into a state-of-art showcase of energy efficiency and IoT technology that delivers winning sustainability, savings, efficiency, power availability, and more.

Metrum – Brazil

Metrum Equipamentos de Medição & Testes Ltda.

Since 2002, Metrum has provided complete product and service solutions for the power energy market, including installation of metering systems, power quality analyses, harmonic active filters, power energy management, electronics energy meters, and more. In addition Metrum is also a testing laboratory for meters verification certified by Brazilian standards.

Shanghai Yuanhui Electric Engineering – China

Shanghai Yuanhui Electrical Engineering was founded in 1999 and began partnering with Schneider Electric only a few short years later, in 2002. Since then, the company has grown exponentially to become one of the largest integrators in the country. Serving customers throughout China and overseas, Shanghai Yuanhui focused on energy management, power quality management, and overall industrial automation. Their client portfolio includes leaders in a wide variety of industries: aerospace, data centers, business developments, colleges and universities, finance, CBD, medical, petrochemical, municipal projects, and others.

Guangzhou CH Control Technology – China

Founded in 2002 and currently employing more than 200 employees, CH Control is a leader in the area of industrial IoT applications and a well-known provider of industrial automation and production control solutions for manufacturers who are creating smart factories in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions. Their clientele includes companies in the food and drug, daily chemical, electric power, machinery, metallurgy, municipal administration, logistics, electronics, and other industries.

Seace Electric (杭州赛辰) – China

Hangzhou Saechen Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional system integrator of Schneider Electric, one of the world’s top 500 companies in the electrical field . It provides key power energy security products (low-voltage power distribution and dual power supplies), power and energy monitoring and management systems (smart multifunction meters, monitoring systems, microcomputer protection), and power quality management products (capacitive reactance, active filtering).

Nodewell [Beijing] Science and Technology – China

Built on a foundation of quality and honesty, Nodewell Science and Technology has been delivering excellence and innovation for more than ten years. As an authorized integrator and service provider, they provide their clients with intelligent energy solutions that are smarter, safer, more efficient, and more convenient. The company’s energy management and power quality management systems employed across a wide range of industries including municipal engineering, intelligent buildings, military defense, transportation, pertrochemical, metallurgical and minerals, communications, data centers, education, and research.

Jilin Hongsheng Control Technology- China

Jilin Hongsheng Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in electric power, enterprise energy management system, building automation system, industrial control system, substation integrated automation and power related products management and application. The company has partnered with many well-known international and domestic enterprises, continuously absorbing advanced management concepts and scientific research techniques. The company’s client list includes organizations from a variety of verticals including petroleum and petrochemical, light and heavy industries, colleges and universities, hotels, shopping malls, mining, ports, rail transit, municipal environmental protection, government agencies, exhibition halls, re-exports, and many other fields.

PROK Elektoanlagen – Germany

PROK Elektoanlagen provides a full range of services including sales and consulting, project planning, switchgear production and assembly, as well as maintenance and system service. With more than 25 years of history in the industry, the company has a well-established reputation as a trusted partner and is also recognized as a specialist in energy transport and low-voltage main distributions for industry and office buildings. The PROK Elektoanlagen team plans, designs, manufactures, and assembles high-current busbar systems for currents from 25 to 6300 A and switchgear for building automation technology.

Vrielmann– Germany

Since 1976, Vrielmann has been a reliable partner to clients across a variety industries as a trusted provider of planning, production, installation, maintenance and repair services for electrical systems. The company offers customers a wide range of services in electrical engineering, energy management, and electromobility. Based on individual needs, they develop customized solutions for switchgear, transformer stations, control technology, charging stations, automation and energy efficiency gear, transformer stations, control technology, charging stations, automation, and energy efficiency.

PowerPeg – Hong Kong

PowerPeg understand that customers need the solutions that help them with facilities maintenance, monitoring PQ, and saving energy in the long run. To support these objectives, PowerPeg has integrated their services into a total solution that combines design, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance to save customers time and money while optimizing their energy performance.

Vijayashri Enterprises – India

With 21 Years of expertise in the fields of electrical energy monitoring, management, and conservation, Vijayashri Enterprises delivers a wide range or products and services including energy audits, harmonics audits, energy management systems, sustainable building management solutions, energy meter calibrations, and energy billing systems. Their extensive client base in Maharashtra includes household names across a diverse collection of industries including automotive, consumer goods, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

PMI Associates – India

Established in 1977, PMI Associates has been serving the industrial sector with unique solutions that help clients measure, monitor, control, and protect their facilities. Offering a full range of Schneider Electric solutions, including ION and SCADA systems, PMI Associates is able to provide clients with reliable, integrated options to help monitor and optimize energy use. Their core competency is Power quality solutions which includes high end metering and associated software.

Indexel Engineering – India

Indexel Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) was founded in 2004, and currently has seven sales locations across India and headquarters in Kota Rajasthan. The company is a group of more than fifty dynamic, passionate, and experienced engineers who offer process instrumentation, measurement and control products, and automation solutions in India and abroad. They have dedicated teams for instrumentation products, PLC and SCADA projects, EMS projects, water projects, panel building, calibration services, and electrical projects. The company mission is to achieve consistent growth by providing the best global product technologies and services. In service to this mission, Indexel provides turnkey Electrical & Automation Projects, including complete design, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning.

Arlisco – Indonesia

Servicing companies around the globe since 2015, Arlisco provides advanced electrical products and solutions including medium-voltage SF6 switchgears, automatic voltage regulators, capacitor banks, reclosers, and motorized gas-load break switches. In addition to this range of products and support, Arlisco is also expanding to include its own engineering department and some manufacturing capabilities.

E&I Engineering – Ireland

E+I Engineering is the largest electrical switchgear manufacturer in the UK & Ireland, offering unique in-house integrated power solutions tailored specifically to client’s requirements. E+I Engineering boast a highly experienced and qualified team of Chartered Engineers working across three manufacturing sites. With over 30 years experience in the field, the team provide specialist technical services, unrivaled customer support and project management services to all clients.

SAM-A Techno Solutions – Korea

Sanya Techno Solution Co., Ltd. supplies power quality measuring equipment, quality improvement facility, fault diagnosis, and real-time surveillance systems that help maintain stable power quality. The company also provides a total solution that includes diagnosis, design, and operation support of electric quality such as harmonics.

Mabrex – Mexico

Mabrex’s specialized team offers energy management solutions that are innovative, practical, and efficient. Their client list includes both private companies and government agencies who look to Mabrex for the tools and solutions they need to improve the quality and efficiency of their power management systems. The Mabrex team is dedicated exclusively to the management of products for the measurement, billing, monitoring, and control of electric power. They are also committed to ongoing training and adherence to the highest quality control standards.

Quasar – New Zealand

Quasar is a leading supplier and integrator of advanced energy & power quality monitoring systems, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), fortified communications, and intelligent substation security systems. They are New Zealand’s only certified EcoXpert Critical Power ‘Master’ for Schneider Electric’s ION, PowerLogic, and EcoStruxure range of products. In a recent project for Television New Zealand, Quasar implemented and integrated a custom monitoring system to measure the impact of switching more than one thousand lighting units to LED across multiple studios, data centers, and office spaces.

EMR – Portugal

Established in 1995, EMR specializes in solutions for Power Quality Monitoring and Energy Management Systems for a variety of sectors including industry, services, energy production, institutions, hotel, residential, and so forth. EMR’s end-to-end, turnkey solutions cover all client needs from new projects to revamps to third-party integration. The EMR team places special emphasis on ensuring each system is perfectly suited to meet the client’s specific needs and the data is processed in such a way that each user has access to the needed information.

Energy Insights – South Africa

Energy Insight is a technology company in the energy sector with decades of management experience and a solid reputation for integrity, trust, dependability, and effectiveness. Their graduate and certified engineers have deep expertise in electrical, electronic, mechanical, and IT engineering. The company specializes in Automated Energy Metering Systems, Tenant Billing, Power Conditioning, Alternative Energy Solutions, Critical Site Monitoring, and Energy Management.

iST – South Africa

iST (Integrators of Systems Technology) is a systems integrator based in Sub-Saharan Africa and providing integrated, end-to-end solutions for advanced and smart metering infrastructure, fiber planning, geospatial network inventory management, mobile workforce and asset management, protection and control, substation automation, transformer monitoring and diagnostics, and DC power. Their primary clientele includes large companies in the power, water, and telecom utilities; mining; and industrial and commercial firms.

Green Wave Group  – South Africa

The Green Wave Group is a leading provider of energy management services, specializing in BMS , power metering, solar energy and data center monitoring, and control equipment. Founded in 2009, the company has grown exponentially and earned the business of many blue-chip clients across a variety of industrial sectors. Their services include design, installation and commissioning, and they focus on building long-term client relationships. Their commitment to ongoing education, certification, and professional development helps ensure that they are always able to provide the latest technologies and methodologies.

Enter Power Enterprise Co – Taiwan

EPEC is a professional electrical distribution dealer that provides products and services related to VCB, ACB, MCCB, relays, meters, and capacitor banks. The company also began selling ION enterprise in 2010. For the NTU cancer research center project, they sold first PSO with seven years of involvement spanning project specification to commissioning. Their commitment to the EcoXpert program included sending their people overseas for Schneider Electric training that helped ensure they had strong knowledge in both electrical distribution and SCADA.

AF Switchgear – United Kingdom

Founded in August 1974 by Brian Astley and Harry Foster, AF Switchgear is one of the UK’s largest switchgear manufacturers. The company sets the standard for LV Switchgear and Power Distribution, managing every process in house – from concept design with end clients and consultants to commissioning and service. AF Switchgear employs over 250 employees and specializes in fast-track manufacturing of all projects and bespoke switchboards designed to fit any application.

Anord Mardix – United Kingdom

For more than a century, the Anord and Mardix names have stood for innovation, reliability and safety in the critical power industry. Now together as Anord Mardix, they are a global leader in critical power distribution and protection with operations in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. As the vendor of choice to the global data center and cloud computing industries, they offer extensive customization capabilities and deliver the most reliable end-to-end power systems to a wide range of customers, including independent providers to hyper-scale leaders.

Applied Power Technologies (APT) – United States

APT services the Western United States, offering complete, end-to-end power monitoring system support for a variety of industries and custom solutions for a clients who have critical facilities and high energy costs.

Meterlogic – United States

With a successful track record over a decade long, Meterlogic delivers innovative software and solutions for all their clients’ metering needs included comprehensive energy services, hosted metering solutions, and the complete line of Schneider Electric products. Their attention to quality and strong partnership has earned them stellar reviews from their clients. Meterlogic provides service and support from consulting to project management, power systems analysis to contracting, and all the premier products needed to match customer requirements.

Global Power Technologies (GPT) – United States

GPT specializes in turnkey energy management solutions, including power quality audits, energy management system design and implementation, and on site start-up and commissioning services. They focus on providing properly designed energy management solutions that help their customers significantly reduce operating costs with a high return on investment.

Once again, congratulations to our new Master-level Critical Power EcoXpert Partners!

To learn more about how becoming a partner at the certified or master level can help your company deliver the kind of innovative solutions that win new opportunities and boost business growth, visit our website for all the details about our EcoXpert Partner Program.Master-level Critical Power EcoXpert

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