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Webinar - Building Tomorrow’s Data Center with Converged Technologies

Building Tomorrow’s Data Center with Converged Technologies

Although seldom in the limelight, the data center today is the scene of turbulent change. A number of forces are converging: the cloud, converged infrastructure, big data and fabric architectures to name a few. And if those weren’t enough, data center professionals must keep systems up 24 by 7, keep data secure, meet compliance obligations and keep costs and energy usage under control. It’s a tall order.

Overtime, data centers are affected by day-to-day operational activities, reducing their operational efficiency, availability and IT capacity. Additionally,  virtualization and deploying cloud applications leads to further fragmentation & risk.   Implementing an effective defragmentation strategy, can address these issues and breed new life  into a data center.  This webinar provides best practices on how to "de-frag" your data center and the benefits such a practice can bring.

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