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Webinar - Maintaining and Enhancing Reliability with Equipment Upgrade Solutions

BOM Webcast - Maintaining and Enhancing Reliability with Equipment Upgrade Solutions

Featured Speaker: Rich Roberts
Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric 

Today’s upgrade solutions bring together the latest circuit breaker technology that – when combined with engineering and installation expertise – minimizes downtime, improves reliability and extends the life of existing equipment. 

View this webcast to learn about key components in electrical distribution equipment infrastructure. Gain insights into the decision making process and review the elements that should be considered when choosing to refurbish or upgrade the current equipment – or opt for complete replacement altogether. Review the roles that various upgrade options can play in equipment life cycle decisions.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact of electrical infrastructure failure on facility management, inventory and maintenance costs
  • Learn about upgrade solutions and new circuit breaker technology
  • Review considerations that affect the decision to upgrade or replace existing electrical distribution equipment 

Click here to watch the webinar on demand.


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