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Webinar - Data Center Cooling with Large Capacity Systems

Webinar - Data Center Cooling with Large Capacity Systems

As the needs of data centers evolve, the ways they work have changed with new networking methodologies and increases in server density. The facilities to house these operations are also changing, and that involves cooling needs. Fortunately, one of the major driving forces is reducing operating costs so most technologies are improving in this regard. When making a cooling system selection, data center host companies need to look at four major factors: financial, facility constraints, qualitative, and regional.

One of the most significant changes is a shift in cooling technologies for large data centers, defined for purposes of this discussion as 1 MW and higher. In a new webcast, Data Center Cooling with Large Capacity Systems, Joe Capes, director of business development for Schneider Electric’s cooling line of business in the Americas, addresses these shifts as more users move away from traditional and expensive vapor compression technologies as the primary solution.



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