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Webinar - Getting Electrical Contractors Involved in the Secure Power Opportunity

Webinar - Getting Electrical Contractors Involved in the Secure Power Opportunity

As part of Schneider Electric’s efforts to highlight the need to protect mission-critical, non-information technology (IT) “Secure Power” applications in industry, commercial, and infrastructure settings, a new webcast is available here that highlights the issues involved in this trend for electrical contractors.

Titled, “Secure Power for Industry: Critical Trends and Tools for Electrical Contractors,” the webcast was recently presented by Lucian Reynard of Schneider Electric, an industry account manager within Schneider’s IT business. One point that Reynard makes during the question/answer closing to the webcast is that electrical contractors should become more familiar with technologies used for Secure Power applications such as uninterruptible power systems (UPS), even if they don’t want to become experts in these systems, while also realizing that that they can turn to expertise from Schneider Electric whenever needed.

Part of the webcast is devoted to tools which contractors can use to further their knowledge, including online learning from Energy University, white papers, and online tools such as Schneider Electric’s UPS Selector.

As the Webcast explains, Secure Power applications span multiple industries, including protecting medical imaging equipment in the healthcare segment, process equipment in manufacturing or in utility settings such as water treatment plants, as well as other markets like airports and transportation infrastructure.

In South Africa, where Reynard is based, major vertical industries such as mining and breweries have a need to protect automated equipment and the continuity of process control data being generated by production processes. Secure Power solutions accomplish these goals by applying some of the same technologies used to protect data centers, especially UPS units, to the mission-critical, non-IT systems that organizations rely on for their production of critical business operations.

As Reynard details, not just any UPS or single class of UPS can match every Secure Power case. Specific scenarios may require special characteristics or capabilities from a UPS. Catch Reynard’s webcast for more details of what some of these Secure Power settings call for.


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