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Webinar - Insight for Contractors: Trends Transform Load Profiles

Webinar - Insight for Contractors: Trends Transform Load Profiles

Trends such as virtualization, Cloud computing, and digitization of equipment are changing the load densities and load profiles that mechanical contractors should be aware of, according to a new webcast available here on The Data Center Blog. The webcast—titled “Secure Power & Cooling: Essential Trends and Tools for Mechanical Contractors”—examined how these trends are changing the requirements involved with cooling and protecting data centers and mission-critical equipment.

The presenter for the webcast—Luca Melluso, Schneider Electric’s business development manager for Cooling Solution, Pacific Region—explained how virtualization typically leads to a more compact and more “dense” load profile for data centers. For instance, racks at virtualized sites can generate loads 20 kW or more. During the webcast, Melluso references a high-density case at a university with a maximum rack load of 63 kW.

For contractors, these changing load profiles definitely are something to be aware of as they assist with projects, and might require new approaches to cooling. During the webcast, Melluso explained the range of solutions for cooling, including room-based to closed coupled cooling, along with air distribution and air containment systems that prevent warm air from mixing with cooler air.

Mechanical contractors involved in projects have a wide of information resources and tools such as efficiency calculators available for use via Schneider Electric, Melluso explained. There also is a “Cooling Selector” tool that can help pinpoint equipment needs by choosing options from the tool’s drop-down menus.

There are also white papers that contractors can access to learn more about the changes wrought by trends such as virtualization. For example, white paper #46examines cooling for high density racks, while white paper 118 looks at how virtualization and Cloud computing impact data center needs. Another resource, as Melluso pointed out, is free online training via Schneider Electric’s Energy University.

Melluso also discussed non-IT, mission critical environments found in settings such as process plants, hospitals, and the telecommunications industry. As assets have become highly digitized and connected, they both generate heat and need to be kept online. As such, there may be a need to apply power protection or cooling solutions to properly protect these assets and the business processes they contribute to.

Manufacturers of specialized equipment might specify the power protection or cooling requirements for their equipment, Melluso said. To find out more about how data center physical infrastructure solutions can protect medical equipment, check out white paper #86, while for further background on cooling needs in mission-critical settings, check out white paper #56.

In select countries, Schneider Electric also will be holding “MIX” conference events that educate the range of consulting engineers and different types of contractors involved in delivering mission-critical solutions to the market. The webcast, meanwhile, offers an overview of the larger trends and changing requirements that mechanical contractors should be familiar with.


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