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Interactive Tip Sheet - Learn how to protect your home network and devices from power outages

What would happen if you suddenly lost your home Internet connection?

It’s almost unthinkable. Consider the consequences for a minute – what about that deadline at work? Your kids’ online assignments? What about streaming on-demand movies through Netflix? Connecting on FaceBook? Or just blowing off some steam by playing xBox? We call all of those your Digital Experience and our new interactive page can help you choose the right UPS to preserve your home network connection during a power outage.

We get it. Choosing the correct UPS to protect your home network can be intimidating – even for the most tech-savvy user. Defending your digital experience used to be as simple as providing battery back-up to your home computer. Today, it means providing power to your modem, router, and all of the personal electronics you use in your home. This new interactive tool is specially designed to help home-based professionals, students, gamers, and connected families consider the many ways they use connected electronic devices in their home. Now you can navigate the UPS options available to protect your network connection and defend your digital experience with confidence.

Discover your digital persona and get some personalized recommendations to protect your home network and the devices connected to it with this new interactive infographic from Schneider Electric. So whether you are a multi-screen family, a social gamer, a savvy home manager, or a master user, the Schneider Electric Interactive Home Business Network page provides the answers you need to defend your digital experience and keep your household connected. Get started now.


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