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Tip Sheet - Why Manageability Matters

Tip Sheet - Why Manageability Matters

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If you own or manage network closets or server rooms, you may be responsible for managing multiple environments. But let’s face it —you can’t be multiple places at once. This is why remote monitoring helps make managing your physical IT infrastructure a simpler task.

Now, you can manage multiple environments with ease.

Remote management allows you to monitor and manage local environments efficiently, without having to be present. With integrated monitoring and management, you can control power usage by remotely turning equipment on or off as needed, or rebooting outlets to restart equipment that is hung or offline. Use the metered/switched outlet PDUs or the UPS network management card which will even notify you of necessary battery replacement. This lets you save time and energy costs, reduces human and financial resource requirements, and helps you quickly solve or even prevent IT problems.

You can also monitor physical infrastructure with NetBotz™ security and environmental monitoring equipment, available in a full range of both audio and video surveillance options to keep your IT spaces protected. Manage your IT environment with the network management card and with PDUs. System alerts notify you of any temperature fluctuations or humidity problems that could negatively affect your equipment. Additionally, you can deal with issues as soon as they arise, no matter where you are, which is a necessity when you have several spaces to manage.

For highly manageable solutions, choose from the following:

• Network manageability and robust reporting capabilities for quick identification and response when issues arise
• “Out of the box” UPS outlet control with built-in, standard remote management capabilities (some models)

• Integrated remote monitoring and local energy usage reporting for maintaining efficiency
• A single central management system for monitoring multiple environments remotely 
• Monitoring of the local environment, so you know the temperature and overall condition of your spaces


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