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Tip Sheet - Make your Small IT Space Work

Make your small IT space work, no matter what.

Here are five common challenges IT professionals face, and tips on how to solve them.

  1. Space optimization
    Optimize open spaces through better organization. Utilize solutions that incorporate open frame racks, cable management, and wall-mounted enclosures to make the most of available space in a cost-effective way.
  2. Increased density and heat load
    Ensure that you use proper cooling to manage the added heat from the increased density in your space. Utilize rack based cooling to provide proper air flow and ventilation for an ideal IT environment.
  3. Remote site management
    Remote sites can be easily managed with monitoring software that allows you to manage and control all of your environments from a single location or device. Having a single centralized dashboard allows you to proactively manage your IT environments and avoid potential downtime disasters.
  4. Energy efficiency
    Save energy by implementing energy efficient UPS systems that are ENERGY STAR® qualified, and provide clean power while simplifying the IT space.  Also, make sure your power and cooling are best designed for your needs by rightsizing and implementing modular designs to maximize efficiency.
  5. Availability for the transition to the cloud
    Transitioning to the cloud can be a beneficial business practice, but brings a greater need for constant availability. Ensure that you have a rightsized UPS solution which provides enough runtime to get you through a blackout.  Consider an extended runtime UPS if you do not have a generator, which will allow your equipment to ride through longer blackouts.

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